Our Employees are our most important asset...

We believe a career should be fun, challenging, fulfilling, and allow you to grow.  We love what we do–creating an environment that fosters a family feeling where everyone is supported and valued, as well as provided with resources, mentorship, and opportunity to pursue continuing education and development over the course of their career.  Our customers love what we do–empowering them to become more tech saavy.

To stay true to our mission of creating intelligently designed solutions to our client’s business and technical complexities, we plan to continue growing our diverse teams with caring, bright, and driven individuals.

Why Join Us?

Join us for a career as part of a team of inspiring and passionate technical professionals. We offer a wide range of benefits focused on health, family, financial and work wellbeing – designed to make our employees feel valued, happy and able to be their best selves every day.

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We are constantly looking for talented resources who have the passion, skills and motivation to deliver innovative solutions to Techshiney’s clients. Techshiney believes in attracting and developing the best talent. We offer Career and Development opportunities, encourage Work-life Balance and offer Rewards and Recognition to our employees for exemplary achievements under the direction provided by the Leadership team that has endeavored to steer Techshiney on its amazing growth path.